Non-Fiction: Fred & Marjorie

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Deborah Kerbel Angela Poon Owlkids

How did dogs help Doctors discover a lifesaving diabetes treatment? 

About 100 years ago Dr. Frederick Banting set out to find a treatment for childhood Type 1 diabetes. A disease that would kill children. Although he loved animals he was sure by experimenting with dogs he could save human lives. Luckily he received a grant to work with Dr. Charles Best on this project! These two Canadian doctors got the breakthrough they needed. Thanks to them Type 1 diabetes is no longer a death sentence for children. And dogs became the heroes!


  • Type 1 diabetes is a childhood disease. What does the pancreas produce to control body sugars and prevent Type 1 diabetes?
  • Dr. Banting needed to find a way to produce insulin in the lab. What were 3 things he needed to get started on his research?
  • Who was Dr. Banting’s assistant? (Both men became famous for the discovery of insulin)
  • Why did Dr. Banting inject himself with insulin?
  • How did the doctors feel about the dogs they used for live research? How do you feel about it? 


SD20 Webster Elementary Red Cedar Readers

I really enjoyed the book Fred and Majorie. I’m not a huge fan of dogs, but I liked how they wanted to make a treatment for diabetes and for sick dogs. Overall, I have to give this book a ⅘.

I always knew what diabetes was but I never thought about how a cure was discovered. This book is about a doctor who was looking for the cure to diabetes.This book was really easy to read and it was kind of sad. It was really interesting to find out how they found the cure. Overall, I liked this book. 4/5

The book Fred and Marjorie was a good book. Although some parts were a little sad, I liked the pictures in the book. I recommend this book for Grades 4 and up.

Fred and Marjorie was a great book. The art was beautiful and the story was touching. Not only was this book a graphic novel but it was also non-fiction! I have never read a book quite like this one. I would recommend this book to grade 4+ because there are some difficult words, but otherwise if you like dogs and graphic novels this book is for you. 4\5

I thought that this book was so good. This book kept me hooked the entire time. Some parts are sad. It was also very informational. I rate this 5/5.

Fred and Marjorie was a great book. I really enjoyed that it was based on a true story, and that most of the events that happened in the book are real. It has a good concept, and really pulls in the reader. The fact that this is the way that they found the cure for diabetes is really interesting to me. I suggest this book to people grades 6 to 7. 3/5

Personally I loved this book. It had a storyline based on true events involving dogs, kids and the discovery of insulin. There were many heartbreaking moments but they were eventually overtaken by delightful ones. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes science and history.

I really liked this book. I liked that it was a graphic novel and still had a good amount of words. And the art in this book was just beautiful. I also liked how it was non-fiction but the writing of it made it feel like a fiction.  But I don’t recommend this book to dog lovers because this book does have some parts that you wouldn’t like. I rate this book a 3\5

This is a very interesting graphic novel. It is a heartwarming story about a researcher who is trying to discover a cure for diabetes and is experimenting on dogs. I liked this book because even though it was a bit sad, it had good character development and taught a good lesson about how sacrifices are sometimes needed. I recommend this book to anyone Grade 5 and up who likes science and doesn’t mind some sadness.

This Red Cedar is a great book. It is a non-fiction book and it has nice pictures. It is a sad book especially if you love animals. Other than it being sad it’s a great book. It is a non-fiction so it’s true but it is a graphic novel so it’s an easy read. Overall I rate it a ⅘.

I like this book a lot. It was quite interesting to see how a medicine that is quite common today was made only 100 years ago. It is also quite cool to see how some of our favorite animals were used to help save one of the biggest dangers to kids back.

The average lifespan if you got diabetes was 20 days to a month but with this first cure it went from 20 to 70 days. I recommend this book to people who like dogs and medical science. overall ⅘.

This was a sad and great book. This is about scientists, dogs, sadness and happiness. It almost brought tears to my eyes, I get very emotional when animals die. But overall this was a great non-fiction book with a great story. I would read this again. I recommend this book for ages 8+ and I rate this book 4.5/5.

I enjoyed the book Fred and Marjorie. Even though it is a pretty short read, it is well written and the illustrations are good. It has lots of information in it considering that it is a graphic novel. I would recommend this book to people who like either graphic novels, medicine or dogs. I think that this book would suit people between the ages of 10 and 13 the best.

This book was fantastic, a little sad but it gave me a really good picture on how it happened. I liked how they would experiment on dogs. For those of you that are interested in diseases and how they found the cure I would definitely recommend this book.

SD83 Bastion Elementary / École Élémentaire Red Cedar Readers

Fred and Marjorie is a very deep book. It has a lot of feeling put into it. I give it a 5 because I loved the style. It was almost a comic book yet it had a lot of amazing information. I loved the characters. This book was loaded with emotions: sad, happy – all of them. I enjoy books like these because they feel like more then words on paper. They have layers more then just a book. I love the way this book lets you dive deeper then the pages in the story. It has a sad ending in a happy way. I recommend this book to people who do not mind sadness, but also want to learn more about science and the cure for diabetes.