Mine! by Natalie Hyde

Chris Dearing comes from a long line of losers and a history of bad luck that’s plagued the Dearing family for generations. His only hope runs through the wild rivers of the forbidding North. What is up there other than moose snot and mosquitos the size of bats, you ask? Gold. More specifically, a gold claim won and then lost by Chris’s grandfather, Wally Dearing.

Reclaiming the old family gold stake looks to Chris like his only chance to a) get his family back on the straight and narrow, b) get Social Services off his back and c) turn the Dearing family luck around once and for all.

Will he strike out, like the rest of his family, or strike gold and finally get a chance to rewrite Dearing history? (From Natalie’s website)


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Red Cedar Book Awards
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by HannahwGTES on Red Cedar Book Awards

This book is about a young boy who stumbles across a huge family secret that ends up as a huge adventure. I give this book a rating of 4 because it was a good book, but, it could be more specific about the year of the book and where he originally lived.

by josh gtes on Red Cedar Book Awards

It was adventurous and full of suspense because he was being chased by care authorities and the police.

by naimaGT on Red Cedar Book Awards

its like the best book i'v ever read, i highly recomend it! anyone who says 'its boring" are telling twisted lies and are just as boring theirselves as they think the book is, which it is NOT! in other words, AMAZINGLY AWESOME BOOK! i wanted to keep reading, but sadly, the book came to an end. i just cant put how much i love this book into words, words wouldn'te even begin to explain how much i love this book! i was only going to read it cause it was the only book there, but it turned out to be so much more than paper and pages.

by Samar on Red Cedar Book Awards

Its a great book for people who like DRAMA! It was very good and interesting...Spoiler Alert...the dad goes to jail?!?

by Serena on Red Cedar Book Awards

This was a great book. every chapter left me on a cliff hanger. The character where believable and fun. The ending was unexpected but good. I really felt how the characters felt. This is a MUST READ!

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