Eat This by Andrea Curtis

Eat This: how fast food marketing gets you to buy junk (and how to fight back) by Andrea Curtis

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Red Cedar Book Awards
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 3 reviews
by Alistair on Red Cedar Book Awards

I really liked this book, it is cool how the way they advertise the food affects if people buy it. It is also cool how they affect the enviorment

by Gideon B on Red Cedar Book Awards

I really like how it shows how fast food is effecting the kids and the environment.

by Jaina S on Red Cedar Book Awards

This book was really interesting. I really liked it! I liked how, for example, they would have a picture of a sports drink or something and then have facts surrounding it. Everything was neat and organized. Nothing was jumbled together. It would have how fast food marketers get people to by fast food on one page, and on the next, how the marketers find out how to market the food to people. Like, aiming stuff at younger kids. They would cry and eventually, the parents would take them there so the kid would stop crying.