Information 2020 Shortlist

Title Author Illustrator Publisher
Bat Citizens:
defending the ninjas of the night
Rob Laidlaw Pajama Press
a story of fashion designer Else Schiaparelli
Kyo Maclear Julie Morstad Harper Collins
Dive In:
exploring our connections with the oceans
Ann Eriksonn Orca
Eat This:
how fast food marketing gets you to buy junkĀ  (and how to fight back)
Andrea Curtis Peggy Collins Red Deer Press
Fania’s Heart Anne Renaud Richard Rudniki Second Story Press
Out of the Ice:
how climate change is revealing the past
Claire Eamer Drew Shannon Kids Can Press
the Holy month of fasting
Ausma Zehanat Khan Orca
Rising Seas:
flooding, climate change and our new world
Keltie Thomas Belle Wuthrich Firefly
Space Adventurer’s Guide:
your passport to the coolest things to see & do in the universe
Peter McMahon Josh Holinaty Kids Can Press
Super Cats:
true stories of felines that made history
Elizabeth MacLeod Annick Press
Too Young to Escape:
a Vietnamese girl waits to be reunited with her family
Van Ho and Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch Pajama Press
Wild Buildings and Bridges:
architecture inspired by nature
Etta Kaner Carl Wiens Kids Can Press