Fiction: Trip of the Dead

Author Illustrator Publisher
Angela Misri   DCB/Cormorant

One racoon takes on zombies, finds friends, and discovers his superpowers. 

Can one tiny racoon take on rampaging zombies, unkind humans, and a forest full of surprises? Trip, the streetwise racoon from Angela’s first book, Pickles vs the Zombies, has to, or else! In this funny, exciting, and heart-warming book, find out how Trip overcomes himself, learns loads of zombie fighting skills, and makes new friends and enemies…


  • What skills do you think that you need to fight zombies?
  • Trip starts off unsure of himself, how do you think he gains more confidence?
  • Do you think that what Duke was doing is the nice thing to do? 
  • Do you think that you would do what Trip did? 
  • All the animals do amazing things. Do you ever watch animals do amazing things? 


SD20 Webster Elementary Red Cedar Readers

I found this book to be okay. It is a book about a racoon in the zombie apocalypse who goes on a mission to find other raccoons. It had some pretty good humour but I found the plot a little confusing and am not a huge fan of talking animals. I would recommend this book to anyone Grade 5 and up who like animals and mysteries. 

The Red Cedar book, Trip of the Dead, is an okay book. I didn’t really enjoy it a whole lot because I found it very hard to keep track of who each of the characters were. I also found it a bit hard to picture what was going on in the book in my head. If you are into books that are either science fiction or animal fiction, then you will probably like this book. But if not, this isn’t the book for you.

I loved Trip of the Dead! It was a great book with lots of action, excitement, and suspense! It also had a great ending, an amazing storyline, and really descriptive characters. I really enjoyed Trip of the Dead, and I think that others will enjoy it as well! I would definitely recommend this book for anyone in Grades 4-7.