Fiction: Trip of the Dead

Author Illustrator Publisher
Angela Misri   DCB/Cormorant

One racoon takes on zombies, finds friends, and discovers his superpowers. 

Can one tiny racoon take on rampaging zombies, unkind humans, and a forest full of surprises? Trip, the streetwise racoon from Angela’s first book, Pickles vs the Zombies, has to, or else! In this funny, exciting, and heart-warming book, find out how Trip overcomes himself, learns loads of zombie fighting skills, and makes new friends and enemies…


  • What skills do you think that you need to fight zombies?
  • Trip starts off unsure of himself, how do you think he gains more confidence?
  • Do you think that what Duke was doing is the nice thing to do? 
  • Do you think that you would do what Trip did? 
  • All the animals do amazing things. Do you ever watch animals do amazing things?