Fiction: The Street Belongs to Us

Author Illustrator Publisher
Karleen Pendleton Jiménez Gabriela Godoy Arsenal Pulp Press

When Muscatel Street gets new sidewalks, more than just holes are unearthed. 

In the summer of 1984, Muscatel Street is dug up in preparation for new sidewalks. Not everyone is happy with this, but Alex and Wolf see this as an opportunity to mark their territory and claim the street as theirs.  Armed with mudballs, they take on neighbourhood bullies fighting hard fought battles. However, not all battles, they find, can be fought with water and dirt. Alex is uncomfortable with her body, Wolf is uncomfortable with his life, nana is having trouble remembering reality, and secrets are having trouble staying buried in the past. 


  • Possessing or losing land and territory is a constant theme in this book, what does land mean to you? 
  • Each family has its secrets, what are Alex’s and Wolf’s and how do you think that you would be impacted by family secrets?
  • Why did Alex’s father leave?  Do you think he will try to be a better father? 
  • Alex and Wolf are friends but there is a lot they don’t know about each other but they are really supportive of each other. Do you know everything about everyone in your life? How do your support them?