Fiction: The Fabulous Zed Watson!

Author Illustrator Publisher

Basil Sylvester Kevin Sylvester Harper Collins

How can one fashion-forward kid with a penchant for monsters find a long-lost manuscript, have an amazing road-trip, and make great new friends? Well, if you are Zed Watson nothing is impossible!

Zed Watson is on a mission to find the lost manuscript, The Monster’s Castle. They think that they are on the right track until a simple question rocks Zed’s world and they find themselves on a totally different path. This time, though, Zed is not alone. Taking a road-trip of a life-time, Zed solves clues, find new friends, and gains new insights into what being the fabulous Zed Watson is all about. 


  • Zed’s parents are pretty awesome the way they open their home to so many people and friends, what are some of the rules and traditions of the Watson household?  
  • Zed’s journey starts with one goal, to find the missing manuscript.  What else does Zed gain along the road? 
  • At times, it seems Zed can be pretty focused only on Zed, what does it take for Zed to start appreciating and sharing with others? 
  • What is so important to you that you would take off on a long road-trip like Zed did? 
  • Zed is pretty resilient, but sometimes their resiliency wobbles. How does Zed get it back? Do you have any tricks and tools to get your resiliency back on track?