Fiction: The Dollhouse: A Ghost Story

Author Illustrator Publisher
Charis Cotter   Penguin Random House Canada

Alice is not having summer she expected: Ghosts.

The worst summer ever. First, her parents are splitting up, then she has to live in a creepy house in a totally different town, and then Alice starts seeing things. It all started with the accident on the train. But is seems that Alice experienced two totally different accidents and now she wonders why she is seeing ghosts or if she is time travelling. One thing is for certain, the dollhouse that Alice finds seems to hold the key to her secret and the many secrets that the old house holds.


  • What qualities does Alice have in trying to solve the mystery of the Dollhouse?
  • Life can change quickly. How does Alices’s life change?
  • Do you think that it is Alice wants to live in the world of the Dollhouse?
  • There are times that you never get to know the full story. Are you OK with that?
  • Which story do you like better – supernatural mystery or medical situation?