Fiction: Sunny Days Inside and Other Stories

Author Illustrator Publisher
Caroline Adderson   Anansi/Groundwood

Courage, learn, and  adapt become the pandemic survival vocabulary for  the kids and families of one apartment block during lock-down. 

How do you survive a lock-down? The kids and families in apartments 4A to 3D learn that pandemic living is a mental as well as physical challenge as they see their community, their family, and themselves trying to cope with Covid.  A short story collection, characters and storylines are woven together as each learn new ways of connecting, sharing, and inspiring themselves and others during those unprecedented times. 


  • What did you do to get through the pandemic? 
  • Each character finds a hidden strength (and sometimes a weakness), what did you find out about yourself during lock-down? 
  • Do you think that they way the kids (and parents too!) acted, felt, and thought was realistic? 
  • How did each kid approach the pandemic? Did you see other kids (maybe yourself) doing what these kids did? 
  • What impacts do you think that the pandemic will have on these kids?