Fiction: Sunny Days Inside and Other Stories

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Caroline Adderson   Anansi/Groundwood

Courage, learn, and  adapt become the pandemic survival vocabulary for  the kids and families of one apartment block during lock-down. 

How do you survive a lock-down? The kids and families in apartments 4A to 3D learn that pandemic living is a mental as well as physical challenge as they see their community, their family, and themselves trying to cope with Covid.  A short story collection, characters and storylines are woven together as each learn new ways of connecting, sharing, and inspiring themselves and others during those unprecedented times. 


  • What did you do to get through the pandemic? 
  • Each character finds a hidden strength (and sometimes a weakness), what did you find out about yourself during lock-down? 
  • Do you think that they way the kids (and parents too!) acted, felt, and thought was realistic? 
  • How did each kid approach the pandemic? Did you see other kids (maybe yourself) doing what these kids did? 
  • What impacts do you think that the pandemic will have on these kids?


Cosmic C 

Sunny Days Inside and Other Short Stories is a collection of short stories of fictional children who live in an apartment building during the Covid-19 pandemic. As more and more rules come, they are forced to leave school and most of the children have to stay inside all day and the only escape are their small balconies on the outside of each apartment.

They find creative ways of dealing with their boredom, such as twin boys Ivan and Alek doing a project on prehistoric humans and replicating their life. Danila, a girl whose first ever vacation had to be cancelled because of the pandemic has to deal with the increasing frustrations from her family members. Jessica learns to communicate with Meena, a Deaf girl who uses sign language. They spy on the building using their different skills and end up saving one of the residents life. Reo, a track athlete who has to train for his upcoming championship, is encouraged by his neighbour Juliet to train on his balcony because he isn’t allowed outside.

I enjoyed reading the individual stories, each one was quite different from the others. I also liked that they were all connected through the common thread of living in the same building. Their experiences were something I could relate to because the stories are about the kids different ways of dealing with their experiences of the pandemic, something that I went through too.

SD20 Webster Elementary Red Cedar Readers

I liked Sunny Days Inside. It is a good, relatable book following the lives of the kids in an apartment that has been fully locked down due to Covid. I liked this book because it was quite relatable and had some good humour, . I  rated this book a 4 out of 5 and would recommend this book to anyone grade 5 and up who likes funny, realistic fiction.

This book is both good and bad for me for the same reason. It’s because of how much it changes. It’s a good book because it always keeps the reader well, reading. I also think that it isn’t as good of a book because when the story is just starting to get really interesting, it switches to a new one and then a new one at about the same time. For this reason, I will recommend this book for people who likes a story that changes a lot every chapter.

Sunny Days Inside is a wonderful book; it was relatable and humorous. My favourite story was when the twins acted like cavemen. I think this book is good for Grades 3 and up, so if you enjoy realistic fiction, and a good laugh this book is definitely for you! 5\5

Today we finished Sunny Days Inside. This book was great and had a good amount of words and chapters for me. I liked this book because it was relatable to things in my life and I liked how the author made it about a story that could be very true. It is a really good book for a class read aloud and I think a lot of people will have connections. Overall, I think that this book is good for grades 5 and higher and that they will also like this book. I rate this book 4 / 5.

I really enjoyed Sunny Days Inside because it kept me entertained for a long period of time and it was a really funny book. I liked it because I had tons and tons of connections to all the stories, especially the cave twin story. My favourite story was also the cave twins because it reminded me of my brothers. They always and I mean always act like cavemen every single day and it gets on my nerves every time. I recommend Sunny Days Inside for people who are in Grade 4-7 or people who are 8-12 years old. I really hope someone else gets to read this book and I hope you enjoy it and it keeps you entertained like it did for me.

I really enjoyed this Red Cedar. Every chapter is a different story but they’re similar in different ways. The chapters are not too long so it doesn’t take a long time to read. The words are pretty easy to read. The topics are pretty easy to understand. I recommend this book to ages 9 and up because I think you need to understand the topic of this book at least a little before you read this. Overall, I give this Red Cedar a ⅗. It was a good book but I probably wouldn’t have read this on my own.

I liked this book because it was quick and easy to read. It was super relatable to some things that happened in my life when the virus was at its worst. Each chapter was super creative and funny. Some chapters were sad but they each had a different story but they were also connected. I’d rate this book a 5/5 stars.

I thought Sunny Days was a fantastic book. It was cool how the book went through all these families in the same apartment building and then at the end they all kind of joined together. Some chapters were a bit better than others, but I thought they were all pretty good. I would recommend this book to people that want a fiction book that could almost be true. I would rate this book 5 out of 5.

I really liked this Red Cedar. It has lots of good short stories that connect with the world now. Each chapter is a different story and each story is similar but still not the same. I recommend this book for ages 9 and up since I feel like you have to understand this book to actually enjoy it. I also recommend this book for people who like realistic fiction. I rate this book a 5 out of 5.

Sunny Days Inside was an interesting book. I really liked the book Sunny Days Inside because I had a lot of connections to it. I also liked it because some of the chapters were funny, and some of them were a little bit boring. I recommend this book to grades 5-7 Overall I rate it a 4/5!

I really enjoyed this book. I love how we all went through what the characters went through. I found I can relate to at least one thing in each chapter. If you can’t relate to one chapter, I’m sure you will find another one to relate to. I thought this book was good and I recommend it to fourth grade and up. I rate it a ⅘.

I liked the book and I recommend it to everyone. I like how it changes perspectives and at the end they all meet each other. It was a pretty fun book too. I loved drawing pictures and writing about it. I’m not sure why but I did enjoy doing that. I would rate it a 3.5/5. It wasn’t my favourite but it was good.

Sunny Days Inside was a great book. I really related to most of the characters and their experiences. I found this book to be funny and sad at the same time which I like with my books. This book is realistic fiction and I rate this book 4.5/5. 

Sunny Days Inside is a great book that takes place in an apartment building and it was made in 2021 by a Canadian author named Caroline Adderson. 

There are eight stories in the book and they each talk about their experiences during the pandemic in lock down. I could relate to a lot of the story. It was a realistic fiction book. I recommend this book to 10+.I rate this book a 4.5/5. I really enjoyed this book and would love to read this book again.

Sunny Days Inside and Other Stories is a very good short story book. I like how in it, each chapter is from a different point of view and all the stories intertwine. It is an enjoyable summary of life during COVID lockdowns. I would recommend it to anyone grades five to seven.

Sunny Days Inside was a very good book, and I could really relate to some of the stories. My favourite story was the caveman boys because it was one of the funnier stories in the book, and it had a good ending. I really enjoyed this book because the different chapters all have a very unique storyline. I really enjoyed this book, and I recommend it to people in grades 6 – 7.

I really enjoyed the book called Sunny Days. My Favorite chapter was the last, chapter 8 because it combined all the characters into one chapter. I definitely recommend it to people. I think teachers that teach Grades 5, 6, or 7 would like this book! I give this book a 5/5.