Fiction: Sorry for Your Loss

Author Illustrator Publisher
Joanne Levy   Orca

How do you learn to live when death is so much part of your life? 

Having parents who own a funeral business makes dying an almost everyday experience for Evie, except when it becomes personal.  Then Evie meets Oren, a boy who has just lost both parents in a tragic accident and Evie discovers  new meaning in her life. Tasked with taking care of Oren as he recovers, Evie must learn how to communicate with someone who does not want to talk and eventually, how to deal with her own grief.  


  • Evie is bullied at school. What skills do you need to deal with bullies and is Evie’s reaction to bullies typical?
  • How do Evie and Oren become friends?  What does it mean to be a friend? 
  • How do Evie’s parents help people deal with a death in the family? 
  • What  does Evie do to help Oren in his grief? How does having Oren in her life help Evie with her own grief?