Fiction: My Best Friend is Extinct

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menu artist spring 2019-cornelia li
 Rebecca Wood Barrett  Cornelia Li  Orca

What do you do when you best friend is a short-nosed bear that was supposed to extinct?

Henry has a problem.  Well, many problems.  He has had to change schools, he is being bullied, his dad has passed away, he is in a serious accident, and now, his best friend is in trouble.  Since moving with his mom to a small town British Columbia, Henry has not fit in, but with an unprecedented snowfall Henry’s skill at creating snow tunnels opens up not only his world, but a land from long ago that Henry must learn to navigate with courage. 

  • What would you do if you discovered a prehistoric animal was living in your world?  
  • Bullies can be hard to deal with. Why do you think Henry was being bullied? 
  • The artwork in the book is beautiful.  How do you think it adds to the story? 
  • Henry tells so many lies.  How do you think he got into this situation? What else could he have done differently?
  • If you could, what creature would you bring back from extinction?