Fiction: Elvis, Me and the Lemonade Stand Summer

Author Illustrator Publisher
Leslie Gentile   DCB/Cormorant

Truly Clarice Bateman is truly having an interesting summer. 

When summer begins, Truly, aided by Andy El, starts a lemonade stand in the Trailer Park where she lives. And then Elvis drives up and into Truly’s life. But Truly has to figure out more than if this is the “Real Elvis” or how to sell lemonade – her mom is falling apart, her dad lives maybe in Vancouver, and Truly sleeps more on Andy El’s couch than in her own bed. With a whole lot of heart, a little bit of help from Agatha Christie, and her extended family, Truly has a summer she will never forget. 


  • Truly does not have much of a family but how does she create a family around her? Who makes up this family? 
  • It takes a lot of resilience to raise yourself with an absent parent. What do you think makes Truly resilient? Is Truly always resilient? 
  • Why do you think that some of the residents of Newman Bay (Penny and Nathalie, for example) think the way they do about Agnes and Linda? 
  • Is there hope for Clarice? 
  • What would you do if you were Truly?