Fiction: Children of the Fox

Author Illustrator Publisher
Kevin Sands   Puffin

When you are caught between a rock and a hard place, what would you do to survive?

An Impossible challenge, five strangers, and a really too-good-to-be-true reward.  What could go wrong?  Just about everything Callan, Meriel, Foxtail, Gareth, and Lachlan find out in this first novel in the series, Thieves of Shadow.  In this story, the five heroes have to not only complete a dangerous task, but also find out about who they are, where they come from, and how to deal with the hardships that they have had thrown at them including magic, mayhem, and a very annoying Fox. 


  • What are the skills and talents that each of the five bring to the table?
  • What is motivating each one of them?  Can motivation lead you to do dangerous things? 
  • What are the five learning about themselves, their past, present, and future?  Do they gain new skills? 
  • What are the aspects of team-building do you see in this story? 
  • How do the characters  learn to trust others?