Fiction: Borders

Author Illustrator Publisher
Thomas King Natasha Donovan Harper Collins

When crossing the border, staying true to who you are and  of where you come from is no easy task.

When trying to cross the border that divides Canada and the United States, a young boy and his mother end up in limbo all because neither side of the line recognizes the nation where the travellers come from.  The journey to visit his sister comes to a stop when his mother, when asked what nation she comes from, proudly states “Blackfoot”.  The story, told as a graphic novel, shows the imposed difficulties of being true to your Indigenous heritage. 


  • What would you do if you had to change who you were to satisfy others? 
  • What are the themes of this story?
  • How would you answer the border guard’s question? 
  • What role does the media play?
  • Why does the mother become “an inspiration to us all”?