Sea Change

Sea Change by Frank Viva

Sea Change coverOne summer can change your whole life. As soon as school lets out, Eliot’s parents send him to the very edge of the world: a fishing village in a remote part of Nova Scotia. And what does the small town of Point Aconi have to offer? Bugs, bullies and grumpy old men. But along the way, Eliot discovers much more – a hidden library, starry nights and a mysterious girl named Mary Beth.

Critically acclaimed author and artist Frank Viva (Outstanding in the Rain) brings us this warm, funny and innovatively designed coming-of-age story. See Point Aconi through Eliot’s eyes, as he finds that this place he never wanted to visit is becoming a home he doesn’t want to leave. (Tundra)

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This is a very well written book that summons up a cartoon, a challenge, a problem, a solution, a few friends, and a heartwarming story that applies to everyone.

by ConstantineF on Blank Product Name

I give this book a rating of 5 because there is a lot of adventure and its funny. And I Really like the characters. They are very funny!

by jessica on Blank Product Name

I loved it so much that I read it more than once it was so great I loved how the boy wasn't used to point aconi and didn't want to go but ended up wanting to stay longer

I thought this book was good because it shows you shouldn't say you don't like something until you've tried it. I also liked how they placed the words.

I loved this book because there is a boy who is not used to living the way his uncle does, but he ends up having lots of fun and wants to go back. It is very interesting, and there are lots of problems he has to go through.

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