Mark of the Plague

Mark of the Plague by Kevin Sands

Mark of the Plague coverChristopher Rowe is back and there are more puzzles, riddles, and secrets to uncover in this follow-up to The Blackthorn Key, which was the 2017/2018 Red Cedar Award winner.

The Black Death has returned to London, spreading disease and fear through town. A mysterious prophet predicts the city’s ultimate doom—until an unknown apothecary arrives with a cure that actually works. Christopher’s Blackthorn shop is chosen to prepare the remedy. But when an assassin threatens the apothecary’s life, Christopher and his faithful friend Tom are back to hunting down the truth, risking their lives to untangle the heart of a dark conspiracy.

And as the sickness strikes close to home, the stakes are higher than ever before… (Simon and Schuster)

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by Blake Jahnke on Blank Product Name

I thought this book was amazing, it really intrigued my inner mind and subconscious. in all I give a book 5 stars out of five, the author did an outstanding job of giving the characters dimension, personalities and real lives for me to care about. Anyway, this book I thought was amazing and phenomenal, keep up the good work Kevin Sands. I'll be looking for your next book.

This book was really good! I felt like I was in the book and was always wondering what would happen next. I would do 4 1/2 if I could but it is not quite 5 stars for me.

This is my favorite book so far! I thought it got really exciting as soon as Tom was locked in his house!

I loved this book because it was about something that actually happened but where the treasure was hidden was a terrible place.

by daxton on Blank Product Name

I really liked how I felt like I am in the book were all of stuff happened so read it

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