Magic Animal Adoption Agency 3: The Missing Magic

Magic Animal Adoption Agency 3: The Missing Magic by Kallie George, illustrated by Alexandra Boiger

Magic Animal Adoption Agency 3: The Missing Magic coverA new volunteer has joined the Magical Animal Adoption Agency, and Clover’s not too happy about it! Oliver Von Hoof is supposed to be an expert on magical animals, but he’s barely older than Clover. How can he be an expert on anything? He’s certainly not very good at caring for the animals, so why does Mr. Jams keep asking him to help?

When Mr. Jams is called away from the Agency on a secret mission, Clover and Oliver are left in charge. It’s their job to keep the animals happy, but something strange is going on. Picnic the invisible puppy is turning visible, and Clover’s green cat, Dipity, is losing his colour. All of the Agency’s amazing creatures are becoming ordinary! And even Oliver’s magic wands aren’t enough to cure them. Will Clover and Oliver learn to work together before it’s too late? (HarperCollins Canada)

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This book really should have been for grade 1 and 2s. I really don't recommend this book cause it's really, really boring. The only part I liked was the puppy.

by Grace L on Blank Product Name

I thought that this book was a book for kids in grade 1 to 3. Other than that I thought it was a good book. Kinda...

by Celina:) on Blank Product Name

In my mind it wasn't very interesting it also didn't have enough action for my taste in books.

by Skayden on Blank Product Name

It was okay but it was kind of hard to get into. You could imagine being in the scene as the little girl helping all the magical animals and it was really cool. I liked Oliver Van Hoof he was funny it was a great book!

by Nastya on Blank Product Name

I like this book because it has lots of imagination so it is pretty funny (flying invisible puppies to)