Look Out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts

Look Out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts by Esta Spalding, illustrated by Sydney Smith

Look Out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts coverKim Fitzgerald-Trout took to driving with ease–as most children would if their parents would ever let them try. She had to. After all, she and her siblings live in a car.

Meet the Fitzgerald-Trouts, a band of four loosely related children living together on a lush tropical island. They take care of themselves. They sleep in their car, bathe in the ocean, eat fish they catch and fruit they pick, and can drive anywhere they need to go–to the school, the laundromat, or the drive-in. If they put their minds to it, the Fitzgerald-Trouts can do anything. Even, they hope, find a real home. (Tundra)

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I loved this book. It is probably one of the best red cedar books I've read so far, because the story is very fun and it's hard for them to find a house. They try some things that may not be 100% legal, but it is a great book.

by natek on Blank Product Name

This book is about a family that lives in a small green car but their growing so they need to find a real house. Their family is confusing so i'm not even going to talk about that, they are still happy though and then a baby pops up in the back of their car. They soon realize it is their baby sister it is a good book I gave it 4 stars because it was kind of a mystery and it was a adventurous.

by Constantinef on Blank Product Name

A family that lives in their car. But their car is to small and they needed a house. But they never got one. But they were happy anyway. But then something happened their mommy went to jail because she stole from a bank. But then they found their daddy. Him and his wife got eaten by iguanas. And I give this book a rating of 5 because it is really funny and I Like adventure and it brings out emotion and it has a great ending. The plot was very exciting that is why I give it a rating of 5!

by Celina:) on Blank Product Name

THIS BOOK WAS AWESOME!To me the best part about it was when everything is going great when suddenly there's a baby in their car! It was so funny, I loved it so much that it took me less then a day to read!

by jessica on Blank Product Name

i loved it it had lots of finding out like where there gonna live and how they where going to survive i loved it so much that i even memorized the exact page the best part was on and thats why i rated this book five stars.