Everyday Hero

Everyday Hero by Kathleen Cherry

Everyday Hero coverAlice doesn’t like noise, smells or strangers. She does like rules. Lots of rules. Nobody at her new school knows she has Asperger’s, so it doesn’t take long for her odd behavior to get her into trouble. When she meets Megan in detention, she doesn’t know what to make of her. Megan doesn’t smell, she’s not terribly noisy, and she’s not exactly a stranger, but is she a friend? Megan seems fearless to Alice—but also angry or maybe sad. Alice isn’t sure which. When Megan decides to run away, Alice resolves to help her friend, no matter how many rules she has to break or how bad it makes her feel. (Orca)

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I liked this book because it was interesting to hear from the perspective of someone with asperger's. But I feel like it said too much about everything she thought.

by chailyn.s on Blank Product Name

I give this book a rating of 5 because it is a great book and i want to read it again and again. And I love it tells you the meaning for some of the words.

by Skayden on Blank Product Name

A girl with Asperger meets a girl in detention named Megan. Megan meets a boy online and Alice tries to save her from going to Vancouver. I loved this book because it was sad and also loving and heart warming.

I really liked this book because it was told from the girl with Asperger's perspective. I also liked this book because it taught me a little bit about Aspergers. This is the best short read I've read in my life I definitely recommend this book to the people in red cedar.

by Grace L on Blank Product Name

It is such a good book to read, it has a very touching story, and is a very exiting story to read. The reading level is on a level that most people can read. If you like stories that you can't stop reading 'cause, well... it's just so good! Then it's a book you should really read! I really recommend if you could try reading it! I think it's a book that everyone can read and should read.

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