Dear Canada: These Are My Words: The Residential School Diary of Violet Pesheens

Dear Canada coverThese Are My Words by Ruby Slipperjack

Violet Pesheens is struggling to adjust to her new life at Residential School. She misses her Grandma; she has run-ins with Cree girls; at her “white” school, everyone just stares; and everything she brought has been taken from her, including her name—she is now just a number. But worst of all, she has a fear. A fear of forgetting the things she treasures most: her Anishnabe language; the names of those she knew before; and her traditional customs. A fear of forgetting who she was.

Her notebook is the one place she can record all of her worries, and heartbreaks, and memories. And maybe, just maybe there will be hope at the end of the tunnel.

Drawing from her own experiences at Residential School, Ruby Slipperjack creates a brave, yet heartbreaking heroine in Violet, and lets young readers glimpse into an all-too important chapter in our nation’s history. (Scholastic)

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I didn't like this book because I found it pretty boring and she complained about literally everything. 🙁

by miriam on Blank Product Name

I liked it because it was so realistic and that it was like a real diary.

by Naomi on Blank Product Name

My teacher always thinks we should all be Learning more about residential school and we should always be learning about other cultures. I like this book because it’s like a history-fiction. I think kids eight and older should read this book. It’s a diary kind of style

by Ellie on Blank Product Name

This book was so hard to put down! I took it everywhere. I liked that it was written as her diary. The only bad thing about the book was it was really sad, but it was still a five star read!

i liked this book because it actually showed it as her diary. But it is so sad that she can't even speak her own language.

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