Important Dates for Red Cedar Readers

It’s almost time to vote for your winner.  Children can cast their vote for the Red Cedar Book Award winner from April 19-30.

We’re very excited that the Red Cedar Awards Gala for 2018 will be Sunday, June 3 in Vancouver.  Come meet other young readers, present short skits on your favorite book, listen to readings from nominated authors, show off your book trailer, and enjoy some snacks with us! We will be announcing the winners of the 2017/18 Red Cedar Awards live at the Gala, and releasing the lists of 2018/19 nominees! The Gala will take place June 3 from 2-4pm (book signing after) in the Alice MacKay Room of the Vancouver Public Library (350 West Georgia Street).

Please RSVP to attend the Gala! Just email with the number in your group. You can see the winners announced in person!

Students attending the event are asked to bring a completed Photo Release Form with them.  Please print out this form and hand it out to your students for their parent / guardian to sign.

How to Make a Book Trailer

Book trailers are creative short videos that tell students something about the book without giving away the ending, and convince them to read the book!  The video should be 2-3 minutes long and can include images, narration, sound, text and a variety of effects.

Research Other Book Trailers

Share one or more of these links with students so they can research student-created book trailers:

Create Your Book Trailer Script and Storyboard

Print out a book trailer planning template and storyboard  This will help students decide on the number of slides, captions, type of images needed, etc.  Here are some samples:

Search for and Download Images

  1. Students can use Pixabay  or the Creative Commons‘ new search engine to find images that have a creative commons / copyright free designation.
  2. Images that match the tone of the book can be saved to a thumb drive.

Choose Copyright Free Music

  1. Students can find and listen to one or more copyright free music tracks on one of the following sites:
  2. One or more sound files that reflect the mood of the book can be downloaded to a thumb drive.

Create Your Book Trailer

Students can use one of the following video tools to create a book trailer.  Their names, year made, image and audio sources should be added to the end of the trailer.

Adobe Spark Video App

Download the app. Open it and follow along with the YouTube video Using Adobe Spark Video for a Book Trailer YouTube video

Additional resources:

iMovie App

Download the app. Open it and follow along with this iMovie iOS Guide

Additional resources:

Group Voting Form – Fiction

Group Voting Form – Non-Fiction

About Red Cedar

And the Winners are:



A big congratulations to:

Too Young to Escape: a Vietnamese girl waits to be reunited with her family by Van Ho and Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch
& Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster by Jonathan Auxier!

Thank you to everyone who voted and participated in this year’s Red Cedar Award!


About Red Cedar:

The Red Cedar is British Columbia’s Young Reader’s Choice book award.

Every year, thousands of children between grades 4 and 7 from across the province are invited to read books from the nominated lists of non-fiction and fiction titles and vote for their favourite.

The purpose of the program is threefold:

1. To enrich and broaden students’ reading experiences,

2. To promote literacy through the reading of quality Canadian literature

3. To encourage students’ thoughtful evaluation of these reading materials.

The Red Cedar Book Awards are officially “launched” in mid-November each year, and students have the next six months to read and decide which one of the titles on the list they feel is the best Canadian book of the year.

Voting takes place in Late April, and the award winners are announced at the Gala. Students may read books in either the fiction or the non-fiction category (or both if they’re really avid readers!). Two awards are given annually to the book from each list receiving the most votes.

The 2020 Shortlists are now available!

Help / FAQ

What is the Red Cedar Book Award?
The Red Cedar Book Award is BC’s young readers’ choice award for students in grades 4 through 7.  It was launched by the Young Readers’ Choice Awards Society of BC in 1996 to encourage children to read, develop their ability to judge the quality of published works and create an awareness of the works of Canadian authors and illustrators.  Each year, 2 awards are given – 1 in the fiction category and 1 in the information book category.


Can I make a donation to the Young Readers’ Choice Awards Society of BC?
Yes! We are a registered charity and will issue charitable donation receipts for all cash donations.  Please donate via , or send a cheque to Young Readers’ Choice Awards Society of BC, c/o BCLA 150-900 Howe Street Vancouver, BC  V6Z 2M4


Can kids post reviews of the books they are reading?
Yes. Please submit reviews through the form you will find below the description of each nominated book. We will read each review and post new reviews to the website weekly.


Do I need to register?
Yes.  Please register your reading group.  Registration in the Red Cedar Book Awards program is free.  Registering will provide you with access to the group leaders’ resources.


Does my group have to select one overall winner, or does each group member get an individual vote?
Each group member can cast their own vote, as long as they have read the required number of titles. Voters should read a minimum of five books in the category (fiction or information books) that they are voting.


How do I register a group?
Registration in the program is free.  To register as a group leader, go to the Group Leaders Resource Site tab. Fill out all the information and click on submit.  Once you are registered, you will have access to the group leaders’ resources, including wall charts, voting tallies, and information about the Red Cedar program.


How does voting work?
Voting is done online via the Group Leader’s portion of the website.  Group leaders compile all votes from their reading group and enter them online at the end of April.  Voting will take place April 18-22, 2016.


How many books do kids have to read?
To vote in the fiction category, a student needs to read at least 5 of the fiction titles.  To vote in the information book category, a student needs to read at least 5 of the information titles.  Some students will be eligible to cast votes in both categories and some just in 1 or the other.


If I have other questions who do I ask?
Please email us at Red Cedar Awards with any questions that do not appear on the FAQ page.


What, when & where is the Gala?
The gala is a chance to celebrate all the hard work that the kids have put in during the course of the Red Cedar season, and to celebrate the nominated authors and illustrators.  The Gala will take place on May 7, 2016 from noon-3pm in the Alice MacKay Room of the Vancouver Public Library (350 West Georgia Street).

Order Form

All the  nominated books are available through Kids Books

Sticker Orders

We sell two different Red Cedar book sticker packages:

Package #1: 30 spine labels and 30 silver seals with 2 gold seals for $12 (includes shipping)

Package #2: 60 spine labels and 60 silver seals with 4 gold seals for $24 (includes shipping)

Please email your sticker order to Indicate which sticker package you prefer, and include your full name and mailing address. We will send send the stickers and an invoice to you through the mail.