Biometrics by Maria Birmingham

Biometrics ― the science of using the body to identify a person ― is everywhere, not just in science fiction, but in everyday life. Today, biometrics is on the cutting edge of security. It’s used for access into banks and airports, as well as to keep money and personal information safe. Methods like fingerprinting and retinal scanning might be more familiar, but biometrics can also identify people based on ear shape, scent, vein pattern, and much more.

This book explores nine biometrics in detail, explaining how each works, where it’s used, its pros and cons, and how it compares to other techniques. It also discusses privacy, security, why we need methods of identification, and touches on biometrics of the future. (From

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Red Cedar Book Awards
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 11 reviews
by Grace B GT on Red Cedar Book Awards

It's about ids and back in the 1900's when they used them differently and its also about security and how they identify you.

by NateGT on Red Cedar Book Awards

I really liked this book because it showed some cool ways to identify people with technology and it was cool to see how technology is evolving.

by nate gtes on Red Cedar Book Awards

When I picked this book out I did not know what bio-metrics was but now I do and i'm glad I do.

by Jaina GT on Red Cedar Book Awards

This book was..... not so great and kind of boring. The illustrations were good, but not enough. This was an ok-ish book. Three stars.

by Berlin on Red Cedar Book Awards

This is a really interesting book! I liked it because it was a smooth read. At first I didn't know what biometrics were but now I even know certain types! I would recommend it!

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