Paula Ayer

Paula AyerIf you believe Paula Ayer’s parents, she was reading books by herself before she was three years old. She suspects they may be exaggerating, but she does remember spending much of her early years sitting on her favorite purple cushion next to the bookshelf, absorbed in stories of all sorts. By the time Paula was in fourth grade, she had read all the books in her elementary school library, so every week the librarian would walk her to the junior high school down the street, through crowds of intimidating teenagers, to borrow books from their library.

Her latest book, co-authored with Antonia Banyard, Eat Up! An Infographic Exploration of Food (Spring 2017), is a visual approach to the same topic, targeted at a younger audience. Water Wow! An Infographic Exploration (2016), also co-authored with Antonia Banyard, uses vibrantly colored charts, illustrations, and diagrams to look at the many surprising and fascinating facts about water.

Paula lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her husband, daughter, and an ever-growing collection of stuffed animals. (Annick Press)

Twitter: @paulaayer