Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch

Marthaa Skrypuch Skrypuch?!

How do you pronounce that in English? Like this: SKRIP-ick. Would you like to hear Marsha pronounce her own name? Listen here.

Marsha tricked her teachers into thinking she knew how to read until it all caught up with her in grade 4 when she failed the provincial reading exam. Adding insult to injury, they made her repeat the whole year. As the tallest and oldest kid in the class, she didn’t want to be seen learning to read with little skinny books, so she taught herself how to read by taking out the fattest book in the children’s section of the Brantford Public Library — Oliver Twist. She kept on renewing it for a whole year.

Reading that book was a turning point in her life. She decided that she loved reading big fat fiction, and wanted to write it too. She devoured novels by the gallon.

Marsha’s had a book out pretty much every year since 1996. Her books seem to follow a general theme — they’re nearly all about young people plunged in the midst of war or oppression. She is best known for her WWII trilogy, Stolen Child, Making Bombs for Hitler, and Underground Soldier. These books are available in many countries, have been translated into different languages and have won lots of awards. (author website)

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